Why am I Still Here?

I am still here, but on many days I’m not really sure why. I don’t really look forward to the future, and any time I think about how it might be without my wife I want to end it. I was so alone before I was with my wife, and I don’t want to be… Continue reading Why am I Still Here?

My Best Friend Died

My wife was my best friend. I hope she knew it. I think we discussed that I felt I could tell her things that I’d never share with my best friend and that my best friend was was really just my best friend that wasn’t her, but I don’t think I ever told her that… Continue reading My Best Friend Died

Cancer of Unknown Primary

Cancer/Carcinoma of Unknown Primary is when the doctors know you have cancer, but don’t know where it started. My wife Karen was diagnosed with Cancer and the doctors ran a few inconclusive tests to try to determine where it started. After a biopsy didn’t indicate a conclusive source they advised that it didn’t really matter,… Continue reading Cancer of Unknown Primary

Don’t Hesitate To Spend Your Savings

I decided to spend our savings when my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Her diagnosis was terminal, and most diagnosed with her type of cancer don’t survive more than a few years.

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Hello world!

My wife died a little over six months ago and I’m having troubles navigating my way through life without her. I don’t feel comfortable sharing most of what I feel with even my closest friends, so I created this site to help myself. Perhaps it will help others as well.